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Coming Back here

2015-06-29 02:07:41 by Hurumi

Hey guys I'm back decided to come back. Right now uploading old art from last year not going back any further to see much older art check out my devianart @gothiclolitaangel. Then gonna upload the recent stuff from this year.


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2015-06-29 02:46:43

Welcome back hehe, are you coming back like you had an old account and you're back or like you grew up on NG and now you're making an account this time around? Either way I'm excited to see >:)

Hurumi responds:

Oh no I'm coming back as I haven't been on the site in years. I was on this same account in the past as well. I didn't realize everyone can see this. I though it would be just on my page XD.


2015-06-29 03:11:25

I actually had a similar motivation a few months ago and boom, now I'm back haha. Oh lmao yeah it'll be in the "News Posts" for a day because people post there daily (including me sometimes), but welcome back and we're all looking forward to the art you'll be posting!

Hurumi responds:

Aw thank you so very much :)